Q: What we do and why we do it?

We ship thousands of chocolate chip cookies and thank you cards a year to deployed service members. We ship to all five branches of the military. The mission behind the project is to share a small piece of home thru our big gourmet chocolate chip cookies. “Grammy’s Chocolate Chip Hugs” represent something much larger than just satisfying one’s sweet tooth. It is our way of saying thank you to all the brave heroes, who continue to protect a grateful nation, and to let them know our thoughts and prayers remain with them always.

Q: How often are shipments made?

Our mega shipments are packed on Super Bowl Sunday and shipped the next day. We traditionally ship once a year but have fulfilled shipment requests throughout the year depending if cookies are in supply.

Q: How do I become a volunteer?

Becoming a volunteer does not always require you to be on site for mega shipments. If you do live near Montgomery, TX and wish to pack cookies please contact us for more details. You can also volunteer from a far by writing thank you cards to our services members. With each cookie being accompanied with a card it is extremely important to have thank you cards on hand all year round.

Q: How do I request cookies for a service member?

We try to have all cookies shipped out on Super Bowl Sunday however during the year we have received requests and if we have cookies in supply we will happily send out a customized shipment. Please contact us by email if you do have a request.