Donate And Send A Grammy’s “Hug” To Our Service Members

Please make all FLAT DONATIONS through our current initiative.

September 1, 2021

Event: Birdies for Charity

We will be receiving 100% of donations collected.

Join Grammy’s Cookie Convoy to raise funds alongside the Houston Open Birdies for Charity program. This year you can support the organization by making a flat donation or pledge any amount for every Birdie made by the PGA Tour players. Personal pledges start at $.01 and go up to $1 per birdie.


Join our project

With the generous donations from our community we have managed to send shipments to our service members for over 10 years now. Your generous, tax deductible donation will go directly toward fulfilling shipments throughout the year as well as our MEGA shipment. We ship over 10,000 cookies annually and strive to fulfill as many requests as we can throughout the year.


Per Year

Recurring Donation

10 Cookies Shipped

10 Thank You Cards


Per Year

Recurring Donation

25 Cookies Shipped

25 Thank You Cards


Per Year

Recurring Donation

50 Cookies Shipped

50 Thank You Cards

Q: How much does a MEGA shipment cost?

Each MEGA shipment of 10,000 cookies costs $28,000.

Q: What will my donation go to?

All donations will be directly put toward paying for the making of our chocolate chip cookies, shipping costs and supplies.

Q: Will I receive a donation receipt ?

Upon request all donation receipts will be processed to the recipient. All donations are tax deductible.

Your donation supports cookies and cards that are shipped to service members of all five branches of the military.

Our Community Thanks You For Your Donation