Write Letters To Our Deployed Service Members Across All Five Branches Of The Military

Letter Writing Tips

Writing a card is a simple way to be a part of the project. Each cookie is accompanied with a card and adds extra sweetness to service members who are deployed.

We suggest you start your letter with "Dear Service Member".

Keep It General

General cards with a simple thank you and supporting words will be the perfect way to complement a cookie.

Draw A Picture

Adding a drawing or using our printable coloring is the perfect addition to a simple thank you.

Non Seasonal Letters

Non seasonal cards ensure that we will have thank you cards on hand no matter the season.

No Dates Needed

Due to shipping year round we would prefer if dates were not included.

No Personal Info

To ensure that your support is secure and confidential we ask you to not disclose personal information.

Uplifting Messages

Boosting morale is the prime driving force behind our cookies and an uplifting message is a fantastic way to complement a hug from Grammy.

Send Us Your Letters

P.O. Box 1202 Montgomery, TX 77356

Sample Of Letters

See the fun cards we have previously sent in shipments

Challenge A School

Challenge a school in your local community to a card writing event and become an official partner of the project.

Host A Card Writing Event

Host a card writing event at your home with friends and family to join together and write thank you cards to our service members.

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Other Uniques Ideas

Handsewn Heart

Crocheted Cross

Design A Bookmark